Tokamak Energy appoints United States President after winning DOE fusion award

Tokamak Energy appoints United States President after winning DOE fusion award

Tokamak Energy is today launching its U.S. expansion following our American-based subsidiary’s selection for an award as part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) multimillion-dollar Fusion Development Program and partnership with General Atomics on advanced magnet technology.

Michael Ginsberg, EngScD will lead the growth of the company’s U.S. market as President of Tokamak Energy Inc., which will play a pivotal role in delivering the White House’s bold decadal vision for clean and secure commercial fusion power.

The DOE’s fusion program was established to support a select group of private companies in bringing fusion energy toward technical and commercial viability. It was recently followed by a new fusion energy International Engagement Plan announced by U.S. Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry at #cop28 last week.

Warrick MatthewsTokamak Energy CEO, said: “Tokamak Energy is a global leader in fusion and magnet technologies and our DOE award has given us a great opportunity to grow our presence and capability in the United States. Today’s key appointment builds on strong foundations to deliver clean, secure, affordable fusion power to the world, addressing the twin challenges of energy security and climate change.”

Michael added: “Fusion power represents the promise of a clean and energy-secure future. Tokamak Energy’s world-leading technology will grant the U.S. energy independence and revolutionize energy-intensive industries. We are delighted to be participating in the DOE Milestone Driven Fusion Development Program – a 10-year race to deliver a prototype fusion power plant.”

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